Over comer Trend Setter

Chong means: “Sublime of high spiritual, moral or intellectual worth; Not to be excelled, supreme, inspiring awe, impressive, raise aloft, set high.” – Unknown Author

My Real Name . .

Some of you out there hear my story and think this problem is too big, but let me let you in on something.

When I started climbing out of my abyss, the hands that reached out to me weren’t these big name institutions or well-known organizations, no, the hands that reached out were students, teachers, hotel maids, artist, thugs and women in the sex industry. They were people who saw that I was connected to them and my reach for something better also made their world better by association. Years ago I assumed my wings have been cut off from my shoulder blade, but instead they were never cut off. They were always there, it was me that was cut off from the essence of who I really am. Over-comers like me have something very special to teach humanity. We remind you of how far you have yet to go in your evolution. Who am I? I answer to the name of Chong Kim, but my real name is written right across the wing span of my spirit for those who want to really see.

(c) 2005

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My story was made into a film, Eden. Starring Beau Bridges and Jamie Chung.