Chong Kim is a Korean-American author, activist and speaker. Ms. Kim has spoken in over 100 engagements at Universities and Colleges, Law Enforcement agencies, and Symposiums globally. She is recognized as a renowned speaker and expert on the issues of Human Trafficking. 

Chong Kim has always had a passion for fighting for social causes and civil rights especially for children globally. Ms. Kim is also disabled and does not shy away from her limited mobility. In fact, Ms. Kim is a proud disabled activist. When Ms. Kim was born in South Korea, her disability was not accepted by the doctors. Her uncle, an American who was married into the family, intervened and assisted her and her parents in immigrating to United States. Chong Kim was naturalized as an American Citizen along with her parents in the State of Oklahoma in 1984. 

While growing up, Ms. Kim felt isolated and marginalized from her peers as majority of the students were Caucasian. Chong Kim was bullied in school and endured abuse at home. When Ms. Kim was a teenager, she ran away from home and was placed in several foster homes throughout her youth. Once she aged out of foster care, she returned home to her parents. Her ambition was to eventually become a police officer as it was the only way Ms. Kim believed she could assist in ending child abuse. However, her one mistake was falling in love with the wrong man. 

Chong Kim fell in love with a Human Trafficking recruiter, at the time she was unaware of his true intentions. Shortly after, she became a victim of Human Trafficking and was sold to men who wanted to purchase an ‘oriental’ girl to satisfy their racial fetish. She was forced to see approximately 10-25 men in a day and sometimes women. While Ms. Kim was being paid for rape, she was also forcefully injected with narcotics (Morphine, Cocaine, Heroin and others) which made her become an addict. Ms. Kim strategized her escape after months of ongoing torture, abuse, and worst of all witnessing small children being raped in front of her. She started to work as a ‘Madame’ of an Elite Escort in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Miami, FL to gain some freedom of movement. Once Ms. Kim was able to escape, she continued to hide as a fugitive from her captors since they were connected to very wealthy and powerful men and women who were complicit with this type of crime. 

In the aftermath of Chong’s escape, she also had to deal with CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), DID (Disassociative Identity Disorder), and BPD (Borderline Personality Disassociation) along with Bi polar and Manic Depression.

Growing up with abuse in her home and dealing with worse offenses as an adult, she vowed to never repeat the cycle in her own home when she became a mother. She sought professional help to deal with her mental health and traumas. She voluntarily went into MHMR and shared her struggles before the term ‘Human Trafficking’ was recognized. It was in 2003 when she first learned about the term of ‘Human Trafficking” and its implications.

When Chong Kim had the courage to share her own experience, people did not believe her and said what she had gone through was mere prostitution and was nothing but a choice. Even though the local communities and various experts ignored Ms. Kim experiences, the media became very interested in her testimony. Ms. Kim was able to share her harrowing experience through radio, television and nascent internet shows. CNBC’s “The Big Idea with Donny Deutch” was the first media outlet that invited Ms. Kim to share her story, followed byMontel Williams, MSNBC, and the list went on.

A writer in Los Angeles found Chong Kim’s story in a Korean-American news article and contacted her. He was interested in her story and soon began to collaborate together to write the screenplay for the film, “Eden”. Once the film was launched, Ms. Kim became a media consultant. She has been a consultant for films, documentaries, and television series. Chong Kim was also featured in a SE Asia Documentary called, ‘Street Dreams’ ( 

She then released her biography “Broken Silence” in 2017, which you can access here: and now she is working to launch her scripted series, “Every 40 Seconds.” Ms. Kim still lives in Dallas, TX and frequently travels for film, public speaking events, and other appearances. In her spare time, she enjoys bookstores, spoken word live performances, and continues to write poetry.

Other areas of expertise & interests

Child Sexual abuse| Disabled Children in Foster Care| Youth Leadership| Human Trafficking Cases regarding White Collar Crime|Organized Crime| Crimes involving Oriental Spas|Abuse in Handicap Homes|Domestic Violence|Rape & Sexual Assault|How to think like a Trafficker|Hunting Child Predators|